The day The Editor got hit – well, clipped – by a bull. (Yesterday)

As I try to get my head around how the hell you write about the experiences I am having out here in Cuéllar, I leave you with this video of yesterday’s run. The beginning, with the hundreds of cavalrymen is simply astonishing. Then, skip to 9mins 50seconds, where you can see me appear in the middle of the street, the number “2” on my sleeve. I make it up the street, the legend Josechu between the bull and I, and leap onto the fence, only to be nearly flipped off it by the next bull who hooks my leg with his horn. I return and run again, more than once. This town is what Pamplona was before Hemingway made it famous.

¡Viva Fiesta! ¡Viva Los Toros!

Alexander Fiske-Harrison

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