Running on the horns of the bull

I just found a photo which when cropped down I discovered the exact moment I was truly bullrunning, in the mozo-sense, on the horns of the bull, rather than posing alongside, after the horns have passed. I remember the adrenaline-spike, but that spike has taken away all visual memory. Thank God. Here is the detail:

Here it is in full, showing the bubble of taurine space, cut through the anarchy of human fear around. I did not belong there.

Imagine that times a hundred, and you have what it was like to fight a bull, an experience I underwent and forms the last two chapters of my book, Into The Arena: The World Of The Spanish Bullfight.
Take a look.
Alexander Fiske-Harrison

About fiskeharrison

English author and journalist, broadcaster and conservationist. Author of Into The Arena: The World Of The Spanish Bullfight, shortlisted for Sports Book Of The Year 2011. Editor & Co-Author of Fiesta: How To Survive The Bulls Of Pamplona. Author of 'The Unbroken', finalist for Le Prix Hemingway 2016
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2 Responses to Running on the horns of the bull

  1. Wernfried Krieger says:

    Dear Alexander Fiske-Harrison

    I am a teacher from Austria and have recently come across ‘taurine matters’ and got rather interested in the corrida. I have read your book and liked it a lot, and have now also found my way to this blog.

    I would like to ask your advice: I am planning to go to Madrid in late February and have found that there is going to be a fiesta at Vistalegre, for which I would really like to get tickets. So far I have found this website, which still says for entradas: Este producto ya no está en stock. Will they offer tickets nearer the date? Is there any other place I could apply for some? Should I wait and ask the receptionist at my hotel once I’m there (which will be 3 days before the corrida)? Is there anything else you would recommend?

    I apologize for intruding with this request, but this is only my 3rd time to Spain and my Spanish is VERY basic, so people may not really be able to figure out what I’m trying to say on the phone. To make up I can only offer my (very amateur) comment here after the Vistalegre fiesta.

    With kind regards and thanks in advance

    Wernfried Krieger

    PS: I have also been following Juan José Padilla’s story and would like to send my best wishes for his recovery and meeting this challenge.

    • Ummm, thank you for the compliments and I wish I could help, but I have no idea. Feb is not bullfighting season. I feel sure you will be able to get tickets on the day – this is not Madrid’s main ring – and I fear it may be a bad bullfight for your first. However, if that is when you are there… Wait, go to the ring that morning, and ask for a ticket “sombra, en el centro, algo como fila siete.” That will give you the best view. Good luck! Rgds, AFH

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